Remodeling Scam

Warning Signs of a Remodeling Scam

In having your home remodeled, you don’t want poor work quality, and you certainly want to be spared from being victimized by remodeling scams.


Knowing what to watch out for could save you tons of cash and heartaches from being scammed by dishonest remodeling companies.


Some of the warnings signs of scams from shady home remodeling businesses include:


The remodeling business not wanting to produce or sign a contract. Contracts are imperative and it gives you protection as the client. If your would-be contractor refuses to create a contract and insists on having just a verbal agreement, then it could be a scam. A trustworthy company would always have a contract for you.


The company offers working on your home using leftover materials from their last job. This should alarm you as the client – where did they get those construction materials? Does that mean that they simply take materials their previous clients have paid for?


Their rates are unbelievably low. We all want to save money from time to time, and even though low rates can be appealing at times, know how to draw the line between low and unrealistically low. Remodeling jobs will cost you, and if you want high quality work, you should be willing to shell out money for it.


The workers have no insurance. Insurance should not be optional when it comes to remodeling jobs – it should be a requirement. That way, if the company has caused accidental damage to your property, the damages will surely be paid for.


The company just happened to knock at your doorstep to offer their services. A well-reputed company is likely to be preoccupied attending to their many clients. If a renovation or remodeling company basically asks to work for you, it might be a problem – especially if they have offered their services coincidentally after a storm in your area.