Remodeling Scam

Warning Signs of a Remodeling Scam

In having your home remodeled, you don’t want poor work quality, and you certainly want to be spared from being victimized by remodeling scams.


Knowing what to watch out for could save you tons of cash and heartaches from being scammed by dishonest remodeling companies.


Some of the warnings signs of scams from shady home remodeling businesses include:


The remodeling business not wanting to produce or sign a contract. Contracts are imperative and it gives you protection as the client. If your would-be contractor refuses to create a contract and insists on having just a verbal agreement, then it could be a scam. A trustworthy company would always have a contract for you.


The company offers working on your home using leftover materials from their last job. This should alarm you as the client – where did they get those construction materials? Does that mean that they simply take materials their previous clients have paid for?


Their rates are unbelievably low. We all want to save money from time to time, and even though low rates can be appealing at times, know how to draw the line between low and unrealistically low. Remodeling jobs will cost you, and if you want high quality work, you should be willing to shell out money for it.


The workers have no insurance. Insurance should not be optional when it comes to remodeling jobs – it should be a requirement. That way, if the company has caused accidental damage to your property, the damages will surely be paid for.


The company just happened to knock at your doorstep to offer their services. A well-reputed company is likely to be preoccupied attending to their many clients. If a renovation or remodeling company basically asks to work for you, it might be a problem – especially if they have offered their services coincidentally after a storm in your area.


Important Things to Look for in a Remodeling Company

Remodeling projects cost a lot, as they are basically just having a part of your home reconstructed. Therefore, you should be careful in choosing a respectable remodeling company to ensure that you are not wasting away money you worked hard to earn.


You should be aware of the vital things you should look for in a remodeling company to make sure that you will be working with a dependable business:


References – A compilation of feedback from previous clients of a company is important for you to find out if they maintain professionalism and high-quality work, every time.


Experience – Solid working experience is another thing you should be looking for in choosing a home remodeling business. The longer they are in the industry, the bigger chance that they have gone through almost every kind of hurdle on the job; it is possible that they have already mastered the ins and outs of remodeling homes.


Bonding and insurance – Bonding and insurance are among the first things you should look for in a remodeling company. A company covered by insurance can give you confidence that even if something bad happens during the remodeling, like your property being damaged or workers being injured, the insurance company will shoulder all the expenses. Bonding is as important as insurance as it protects you from scams as well as inferior work quality.


Good company standing – You don’t just have to look for feedback, you have to look for positive feedback on the company. Check if there are pending work-related complaints against the company or if clients claimed any poor work quality in the past. You can check online if the company was charged with a major wrongdoing. They should also have good companies that they refer to outside of their expertise such as junk removal and cleanup. 


An established office – You have to look for a physical office where the company does its business affairs to ensure that you are dealing with a fully-established, credible company. Don’t just settle for a company that can’t provide you with a valid workplace.

Home Renovation

Preparing for Home Renovation

Major home renovations can be stressful, but once everything gets done, you know it will truly be rewarding.


No matter how excited you are, you have to wait for the renovation to be completed before you can go back to your home and live a normal life. Home renovation companies will set a target completion date as to when the renovation should be finished.


If you are certain you have hired a well-reputed company, you can have peace of mind that the work will go smoothly. However, as are a homeowner, there are things you can also do on your end to ensure that the work will be easier and faster for the professionals. Preparing for home renovations won’t only help the remodeling job become smoother, it will also minimize the likelihood that accidents will occur.


For an instance, if you have pets you are planning to leave on the site while the renovation is ongoing, you can keep them at a specific area where they would not get in the way of the workers. The renovation site can be a dangerous location full of tools and materials that your dog can get in contact with. Additionally, you don’t want your dogs attacking the workers. Therefore, before the renovation, if you can’t take the dog with you when you temporarily move out during renovation, you have to inform the workers where your pets are. Let them know which areas they should avoid.


Cover all the furniture to prevent dust and other dirt from getting on them during a renovation. You can expect a lot of mess during this time and be covering your furniture items will save you the trouble of cleaning all your furniture piece by piece once the renovation is done.


Just like pets, children should not be present at the site during the renovation process. If you can leave your kids at a relative or friend if you are going to visit the site during the renovation, it would be better.


Securing all fragile, breakable items that are near the area of actual renovation, such as mirrors hanging on the wall a room adjacent to the kitchen that’s about to be renovated, will also help a lot. It’s best if you take breakables down from walls and place them in a safe place.



Wise Ways to Save on Home Remodeling

Home remodeling or renovation can really be expensive – that’s why so many homeowners wait a long time to save up before finally having a home remodeling done on their residence. Still, there are several ways you can cut on home remodeling expenses with just a few adjustments.


In an attempt to save money on home remodeling, some homeowners go as far as doing the renovation job themselves; however, you don’t really have to do that. Besides, doing the job yourself (if you are not a skilled builder) might just result in major errors that would cost a lot of money to correct – not to mention, wasted construction or renovation supplies. It would still be best to leave the actual renovation responsibility to the pros.


To cut home remodeling expenses, it would be better to focus on the choice of materials to be used on your home. For an instance, go for unfinished items such as unfinished wood pieces and finish it at home yourself. Unstained wood costs way less than ready to use ones.


Using cheaper alternatives when it comes to decorative items is also an effective way to save money. Don’t use cheap, low-quality alternatives for items that really need to be built to last such as walls – doing so could also cost you money for premature repairs. For example, instead of choosing to go for a custom built mahogany desk, go for a pine desk and paint it with the same stain as a mahogany.


Ordering online for remodeling materials and using discount coupons on your purchase can help you save a ton as well. Some discount vouchers or coupons offer cashback for the items you purchase online.


Use leftover materials from your last home construction. If you have leftover tiles or leftover concrete or cement mix, you can still use them for your upcoming home renovation.